In the company of great colleagues...

Hello! I hope this post finds you very well, and in the company of great people. In this newsletter I will share my thoughts about being in the company of great people (which I’m privileged to find myself in), how important that is for me personally, and for all of our clients. But let me start by sharing some business news from gHRow. Through Q1, we have continued our involvement in a number of meaningful change and collaboration activities for our premier clients. These are evergreen themes, and for gHRow it continues to be a privilege to serve great companies on your journey for building a better tomorrow, with your people and for your clients.

Lately, we have been doing more of external HR business partnering as well. We love this work, and we all know the importance and value of strong HR business partnering! Unless the business strategy actually translates into something tangible in the hands of your people, it will neither connect with your customers nor impact your bottom line. So in the HR business partnering space, we largely work with clients in 3 different but complementary ways:

          1. Designing the HR business partnering approach and role, so that it is anchored in an HR operating model, where the different components of HR add-up to more than the sum of its parts.
          2. Developing HR business partnering skills, either through individual development interventions for HR professionals, or more structured programs for building the strategic toolbox of HR business partnering functions.
          3. Delivering in HR Business Partnering roles where specialised insights and experiences are essential, which typically relates to transformation or large people change management agendas.

In this third way mentioned above, we have mostly been working as HR business partners with large international companies in Denmark so far. But additionally, we have recently started offering to partner with small and medium-sized companies as well. We find that they largely have the same HR challenges with a different scale / scope, and we love helping these clients. This is a sweet spot for gHRow, as most of our consultants are themselves former HR business partners carrying many years of experience from great companies.

Speaking of gHRow consultants, let me get back to the importance of being in great company. When starting the gHRow business, I had long realized that who I work with, affects my life in profound ways – so I want to be alongside wonderful people with a positive and resourceful attitude. In Mallika Nehra, Stine Lynge Sørensen, Mads Leonhardt Thomsen, Stine Krag Stubbe and René Bomholt, I am exactly alongside such wonderful people. I have known and worked with all of them for many years in different Maersk companies, and it is a blessing to work alongside them again in the gHRow context. Their specific qualifications speak for themselves, and if you are curious about what a true gHRow consultant looks like, take a look at our website.

On our website, you can also find a lot of other insights about gHRow, including our services and purposes. Our main purpose remains the same as ever – helping you win with people! If you think we can be of help, let’s connect. As always, you can connect with us by emailing me at or by giving me a call at +45 2058 5932.

All the best,