Our Story

Before I started gHRow, I was fortunate to work for many years in world-class companies; Companies with great leaders holding a fundamental understanding of the important role people play in building winning businesses. I left the corporate world in 2018, grateful for what I had learned and for the people I had been alongside. I also left with a renewed purpose of helping businesses win with people, and this is when gHRow was born.


In gHRow, we bring our experience, excellence and expertise to our clients in a way that it is rooted in care. We across 3 broad service areas and with a diverse range of incredible clients. And the one common factor underlying all our work is that it always evolves around enabling people to be at their best. When people are set up to succeed, they are an incredible source of value for your business. gHRow is all about making that happen.


All the people working in gHRow are special in several ways; They are incredibly professional and highly personal at the same time; Rich specialists within the field of HR, and deeply human in how they engage with you. My purpose is also to create a company for them, where their insights and creativity can be unleashed for the benefit of themselves, and for you. Meanwhile giving them the freedom to live a full life, which allows them to balance work, family, friendships and everything else that matters in life.


Kind regards,

Jesper Madsen