Our Services



We really enjoy helping teams develop and improving the way teams collaborate, to perform better. So much business potential can be unleashed when teams work and connect well together. We could lead a standalone event or workshop for a team that needs some external inspiration. Or if the client needs an in-depth change journey, we would partner with them to build and deliver a holistic change plan for the team.


The foundation of our partnership with teams is our PACT model, which articulates how the ‘hard-wiring’ (having a clear purpose and well defined action-plans) and ‘soft-wiring’ (having meaningful connection and trust) can be consciously articulated and in balance with each other, to bring out the best in a team. 



We also work with Leadership or Executive Management teams, where all elements of the PACT model are still very relevant and helpful. However, the challenges, business context, mindset and behaviours for those who lead ‘teams of leaders’, become quite different and need to be supported in a different way.


We partner with individual leaders as they go through their own developmental journeys, and help them grow into the kind of leader they want to be. This could be with a technical / project leader, a business leader, an executive leader of leaders or even a first-time leader of teams. We also partner with leadership teams in defining, experiencing and leading a consciously chosen way of working and being together. This ranges from supporting newly formed leadership teams, existing leadership teams going through a strategic transition or even a well established leadership team wanting to lead differently and role-model a new culture. 


If you would like to explore our support for your Teams and/or Leadership, you are welcome to connect with us here. In gHRow, we’re here to help!