Our Services

Introduction to our services

In helping your business win with people, gHRow works at 3 distinct levels: individuals, teams and the organization. We can zoom-in and develop each of these levels independently, or we can work with them collectively as part of larger transformations. You can find an introduction to our Team Development here.

Team Development

In gHRow, we do a lot of work to improve how teams collaborate to perform better. We really enjoy working with the development of teams and groups. It is often an overlooked part business performance, yet so much business potential can be fulfilled when teams are operating well, and the members are well connected to one another.


We do this in different configurations. In some instances, it is simply an event or workshop for a team, which needs some external inspiration to elevate it. Other times the client needs an in-depth change journey, wherefore they partner with us to build and execute a holistic and sustainable change plan for the team.


We base our team development work on the below PACT model. We know that the best teams are both ‘hard-wired’ (purpose and action-plans) and ‘soft-wired’ (commitment, compassion and trust) in ways, where these areas are consciously articulated and balanced with each other. As a general observation, most teams don’t spend enough time on becoming a great team, and when they do, they tend to overinvest in building action-plans and underinvest in building trust.

As a consequence, many teams are overworked, siloed and don’t create enough followership in their organizations. It does not come from bad intentions, as much as it comes from poor team habits. The good news is that it does not have to be this way, and we would love to help your team as well. If you are interested to learn more about our Team Development services, connect with us here.

“Having worked with Jesper and the rest of his competent team at gHRow on several occasions, I have particularly appreciated their ability to turn specific challenges into practicable solutions, which make and sustain relevant change within the team. Their deep understanding of our context and business reality, rooted in personal experiences, creates real value and improves the effectiveness of our partnership.”

Morten Hesselager Pedersen, Vice President, Head of the Tyra Redevelopment at Total