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Introduction to our services

In helping your business win with people, gHRow works at 3 distinct levels: individuals, teams and the organization. We can zoom-in and develop each of these levels independently, or we can work with them collectively as part of larger transformations. You can find an introduction to Personal Advisory here.

Personal Advisory

We find it very gratifying to work with the unique developments of an individual. Broadly speaking, we work with senior executives and leaders based on their individual needs. Or we work with high-potential and talented individuals earlier in the career, as part of a structured engagement from their company.

In gHRow, we all have many years of experiences as leaders, advisors and coaches. Several of us hold formal coaching certifications. But since we always bring forward our point of view, ideas and suggestions, we do consider ourselves to be personal advisors. We take an outset in the individual’s reality, and help him discover what’s holding him back, and help him deliver the needed development. Below model illustrates our approach to individual development.  

We have but one purpose in mind, and that is the strengthening of our client’s wellbeing, career and personal growth. And with this purpose in mind, we would always use the first conversation to evaluate whether we mutually believe in building this advisory relationship between us. If you are interested to learn more about our Personal Advisory services, connect with us here.

Trustpilot's Executive Leadership Team and I have been working closely with Jesper for the past six months. He has participated in ELT meetings and provided coaching to the ELT and me personally. Jesper has an extremely strong toolbox, not only as a coach but also as an executive. His professionalism and maturity enable him to build trust and mutual respect quickly. He listens in a way that gives him a deep understanding of my context, background, and thinking and consequently provides insights and advice exactly when it's needed. I can already feel a significant transformation - both in me personally and in the ELT - and strongly recommend Jesper as an advisor and professional.

Peter Mühlmann, CEO Trustpilot