What we do

In helping your business win with people, we partner with our clients in three broad services areas: Teams & LeadershipChange and HR Functions, as represented in the overview below. You can explore each of our service areas by clicking on the respective links, or navigating through the drop-down in the main menu.

Partnering with gHRow

In gHRow, we are true to ourselves, and therefore each of us is quite unique to partner with. But there are a few things that are matter to all of us, and which we hope for you to experience when you work with any of us.


We strive to learn from and work in your reality, because we are here for the sole reason of helping you and your business. We will therefore, ask instead of telling, and listen keenly with the purpose of understanding your organisational context and need. You will experience our genuine curiosity in exploring pragmatic solutions that specifically work best for you.


We believe that the best solutions are often simple, but never easy. And to arrive at these solutions, it takes courage. We will therefore, offer you our ‘honest’ and unbiased view of what is really needed, with a willingness to search for untraditional solutions and a deep purpose of wanting to help address issues at their root. You can count on our courage for that.


Our care for you runs much deeper than delivering the best possible service to you. We also care about you as a person, because you matter! We will therefore, offer support and care to you personally, alongside our committed and high-quality service delivery. You should expect nothing less than professional solutions packaged in human care.