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Introduction to our services

In helping your business win with people, gHRow works at 3 distinct levels: individuals, teams and the organization. We can zoom-in and develop each of these levels independently, or we can work with them collectively as part of larger transformations. You can find an introduction to Organizational Change here.

Organizational Change

Most companies are doing so many change initiatives, that they struggle to find enough experienced in-house resources to drive the projects to successful completion. So, we spend a lot of our working time helping those companies transform their organizations. We love the fact that this allows us to put our many experiences into play.


The main reason we are highly sought after as change agents for some of the best companies in Denmark, is simply due to our consultants. Every consultant in gHRow has a long background with great companies and carries a lot of experience driving change on the inside of businesses. We have been there many times ourselves, we know the importance of those transformational projects, and we understand how to navigate the complexity. And as always, our consultants bring human care to their professional insights, wherefore we quickly integrate into the client organization.

Broadly speaking our organizational support comes in one of two phases, as also illustrated be the model above. We either support you in the transformational design phase, or in the delivery phase. Hence, we are sometimes architects and designers, and other times we are executors – and not rarely we end up being both. If you are interested to learn more about our Organizational Change services, connect with us here:

Mallika’s multi-talents meant that her secondment to our organisational change project was effective at all levels, including the organisation design process and the people assessment and selection process. She integrated really well in a short space of time and built effective relationships with the key leaders, ensuring the right business decisions were taken in accordance to our business strategy and company values.

Jaafar El-Ahmar, Head of HR for Technology and Finance in Maersk.